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Departments & Majors

Department of Computer Science and Technology

This department is committed to developing qualified talents with an excellent command of knowledge in computer software, embedded systems, networks, software testing and project management. Students can engage in software design and development, computer network application development and management.



Bachelor Degree Programs:

Software Engineering

Software Engineering (Mobile Internet Application and Development)

Network Engineering

Computer Science and Technology

Computer Science and Technology (Embedded Software Development)

Higher Vocational Programs:

Software Technology

Software Outsourcing (Europe and America)

Software Outsourcing (Japan)

Software Technology (Software Testing)

Technology of Computer Application

Information Security Technology


Department of Information Technology and Business Management

This department is committed to developing qualified graduates with the in-depth knowledge of information technology and business solutions. In addition, this department provides its students with the ability to apply and implement business management, information systems and website administration.



Logistics Management


Marketing and Planning

Financial Information Management (ERP)

Computer Information Management

Computer Information Management (Customer Relationship Management)


Department of Digital Arts

bet356能提现吗This department is a teaching and research unit which is backed by the IT advances of Chengdu Neusoft University, focused on digital content creation, supplemented by digital media technology research and development, guided by CDIO Engineering Education Philosophy, generalized teaching models of project-oriented, in order to meet the demands of the digital content industry employee market. This department aims to cultivate unique artistic accomplishments and acquired digital content design and creation abilities. The primary goal is to develop pragmatic and comprehensive talents engaged in digital content design and creation in movie, animation, game and advertising fields.



Animation Design and Production

Movie Animation

Product Molding Design

Computer Multimedia Technology

Software Technology (Game Programming)


Department of Applied Foreign Languages

This department has formed a curriculum system which focuses on nurturing talents with both foreign languages and IT application skills. It aims to cultivate application-oriented, advanced, specialized talents for the foreign affairs related government organs and to meet the social requirements of English and Japanese IT talents.?


Applied English

Applied Japanese



Department of Fundamental Courses

This department serves the students’ career. By sticking to the integration mode of “teaching, learning and practicing” and creating new teaching contents and approaches, it integrate character education into the entire teaching system so as to construct and improve the curricular system of basic courses.

School of Continuing Education (SCE)

The School of Continuing Education (SCE) is one of the unique and rapidly growing divisions of Chengdu Neusoft University. The SCE shares the invaluable resources of Neusoft Corporation and the faculty and facilities of Chengdu Neusoft University.
The SCE currently offers diploma and top-up degree programs for adults. These programs include different computer application technology programs and related programs. The SCE also serves as the training base for the provincial and municipal vocational institutions and is an authorized training center of many international IT corporations. SCE has been highly acknowledged by its trainees, the other training institutions and the society through its consistent efforts.