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Faculty & Staff

The faculty mainly consists of:

1. Excellent teachers with plentiful teaching experience from domestic and overseas universities.

2. The reserve teachers for our university from Northeast University and Dalian Neusoft Institute of Information.

3. Outstanding graduates who are mainly masters and doctors from prestigious universities.

The above-mentioned are full-time teachers


Important supplement for faculty:

1. More than 30 software engineers are selected by Neusoft Group every year to direct practice teaching of students.

2. The university engages senior technical and management personnel as guest lecturers who are from famous IT enterprises, such as CISCO, IBM, SUN, ORACLE, INTEC, NEC, TOSHIBA, and ALPINE, to broaden students' horizons and expand their knowledge.

(The above-mentioned are part-time teachers)


Faculty training:

The university's drawn up relevant policy to implement the faculty training to strengthen the teaching strength and enhance the teaching ability. Those means include mainly: regular training inside the university and department, expatriate training, self-study of specific content, in-service study for degrees, overseas study and live operational training.

In addition, the university also uses external training and consultancy resources to provide cadres at their posts high level training to develop the management ability of management team, improve the level of management and provide guarantee for the development of the university.


Human resources planning:

bet356收不到邮箱验证bet356能提现吗In order to achieve the goal of education and teaching planning, CNU will focus on cultivating young professional leaders and dual-role teachers to strengthen the teacher echelon construction according to the current requirements of information technology development and characteristics of higher education. CNU will always be dedicated to the construction of faculty and establishment of related policies to ensure that it has a stable and high qualified faculty and staff team.