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President's Welcome

Education helps students unlock their potential and make the most of their life. After students have entered the workforce and have reached their maximum potential, society is carried forward.
Therefore, if society is to progress, it needs to create an advanced and well structured system of education that is congruent with the needs of the work-force. Our aim is to have first class facilities that are staffed with leading lecturers and researchers that are respected not only within academia but also by industry and the broader community.
With innovation and agility, our university is able to remain relevant in our dynamically changing environment.

——Liu Jiren

Chairman of Neusoft II
Dr. Liu Jiren
Liu Jiren - founder of Neusoft Group; Doctor of computer application; Professor of Northeast University; supervisor of Ph.D. students. Now he is the president and CEO of Neusoft Group Limited; member of the national committee of CPPCC; the deputy president of Northeast University; director of China’s computer software engineering research centre; deputy Director General of CSIA; the standing director of UKAC; the assistant group leader of the National 863 Project’s 306 Theme’s expert panel; member of the judge panel of the NNSF’s computer science; the deputy Director General of China’s Institute of Image Graphics; the deputy Director General of China’s Internet Association and the Chinese representative of APEC’s Consultant Council.

Dr. Liu Jiren was awarded as “China’s IT Person of the Year” by one of Chinese largest IT Media—Computer World; “The Ten Leading Persons of China’s Software Enterprises”; “The Economic Figure of the Year of China’s Information Industry” by China Information World; and also “China’s Outstanding Achievement in Business Management of 2005”, “The Best Leadership of 2006” by the most influential management magazine---Sino-Foreign Management; Meanwhile, he was entitled to be “China’s Best Business Leader of 2007” and “2007 Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation Prize”.
CNU is dedicated to innovating educational idea and approaches so as to cultivate “practicalized, internationalized, individualized” IT talents who have solid theoretical bases and are able to apply the latest IT technology to different fields, and to helping individuals and organizations continuously obtain and improve their knowledge and capabilities to dominate the future by using information technology.

—— Zhang Yinghui

President of

Chengdu Neusoft University
Ph. D. Zhang Yinghui
Zhang Yinghuibet356能提现吗 - Doctor of computer application; Professor; Party Secretary & President of Chengdu Neusoft University; Vice President of Sichuan Provincial Software Association; Vice Director of Sichuan Provincial Electronic Association; the member of Sichuan Council of Establishment of Higher Education Institutions; the expert commissioner of Sichuan Economic Promotion Committee, the senior member of CCIA; Standing Director of Sichuan Association of Higher Education; Chengdu’s outstanding career-creating talent; National outstanding educator. In 2008, Dr. Zhang was awarded as “Outstanding Person in Resistance to Earthquake and Disaster Relief “of the national educational system, and in 2010, he won the “Distinguished Contribution Award” of Sichuan education sector.