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Education Overview

[ Education Creates the Values of Students (TOPCARES-CDIO) ]


Technical Knowledge and Reasoning

Open Minded and Innovation

Personal and Professional Skills

Communication and Teamwork

Attitude and Manner


Ethical Values

Social Value Created by Application Practice


Category: IT Application-oriented university

Programs: 4 year undergraduate programs, higher vocational education programs, international student education programs and continuing education programs

Discipline: Primary focus on engineering and secondary focus on management and arts

EmploymentBased in the Southwest, throughout china, providing services for the IT and related fields

Nurturing GoalPracticalized, internationalized and individualized” application-oriented advanced specialized talents


?[ Operation Characteristics ]

Application-oriented Ability Structure and Curricula

Referring to the most updated achievement of the international engineering education reform, CNU creatively brings forward a new ability structure--TOPCARES-CDIO: Technical Knowledge and Reasoning, Open Minded and Innovation, Personal and Professional Skills, Communication and Teamwork, Attitude and Manner, Responsibility, Ethical Values, Social Value Created by Application Practice. CNU implements “Converse Derivation Procedures for Industry-oriented Curriculum Design”, which means adjusting the knowledge structure and curriculum in accordance with market demand.


Teaching Model and Nurturing Method Focusing on Practice

bet356收不到邮箱验证bet356能提现吗“1321 instruction model” and credit management --1 academic year is divided into 3 semesters, with 2 semesters of case-based theoretical teaching, and 1 semester of practice teaching. Theoretical teaching emphasizes “intensive teaching and more exercises”, and practice emphasizes “industry-oriented, step-by-step practice teaching”.

Operation Characteristics
Interaction between Industry and Education, Win-Win for Both School and Enterprise


Updating Teaching Contents
Instruct students with the teaching content received from enterprise in accordance with the employment market and construct a practice training environment to make students quickly adapt to the job in enterprises after graduation.

SOVO-Bridge between University and Enterprise

The university founded SOVO (Project Hub)--student start-up center, which provides the students with an environment to set up virtual companies. In these companies, they do real projects for enterprises and receive instructions on business operations. SOVO provides students with opportunities to start up their own career.

Industry-based Training (IBT)

According to the characteristics of different majors, the university provides the industry-based training programs to meet the needs of the employment market. It offers customized programs for the enterprises. At present, several customized programs have been launched for different companies, such as “Neusoft Program”, “YIWO Science Program”, and “Huaxi Program”.