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Cooperating with Infor, Chengdu Neusoft University actively explores New ‘Industry-Education-Research’ Model of ERP application
2016/6/7 9:40:49??:品牌经营部??:??

Chengdu Neusoft University joined?in the Education Alliance Program (EAP) of Infor Enterprise, which is a leading company in the cloud-based applications industry, and became the first cooperative institution?with Infor Enterprise in the Asian-Pacific region in 14, April, 2016.

?According to the alliance?protocol, both sides will work together to solve the problem?of the?shortage of IT talents in China through offering?ERP courses for undergraduates of Chengdu Neusoft University, applying Infor LN to daily teaching, cooperating to cultivate?applied IT talents, and providing support for training?the talents in China. The cooperation between Chengdu Neusoft University and Infor Enterprise is not only the beginning of the strategic cooperation but also the impetus of realizing the integration of Industry-Education-Research?model project.

Freemasonry and complementary

?Faced with the impact of big data, China is advancing the Made in China 2025?strategy with all strength, putting all the industries at the turning point of industrial structure adjustment and intelligent manufacturing adjustment. Therefore, how to apply advanced IT solutions to the turning process is crucial, and cultivating professional IT talents is the fundamental of intelligentizing.

?Grabbing this chance, Infor Education Alliance tries to offer teaching supports to research and education institution, to cultivate applied technical talents to satisfy market demand, and to support the development of local IT industry through providing original and specific techniques. Therefore, the cooperation between Chengdu Neusoft University and Infor Enterprise is deliberate and meaningful.

?Since?founded in 2003, Chengdu Neusoft University has cultivated so many applied talents in IT and internet industry, and provided an ideal place for innovation entrepreneurship. Also, Chengdu Neusoft University has committed to advance education reform, and to find and absorb superior educational resources with the aim of improving the education level and keeping up with the pace of society development.

?Over the years, guided by the concept that education improves the value of students, Chengdu Neusoft University, in the process of advancing practical education, has widely supported the innovation entrepreneurship of students, and has become a university business incubator. And with the help of the innovation talent training pattern of Students Office & Venture Office (SOVO), Chengdu Neusoft University has built a new innovation model to allow students to learn from starting a business through combining the university with industrial development and innovation platform of Neusoft. As a result, a sustainable education and innovation platform, which enables students to realize entrepreneurship and to share experience, has been built.

?Chengdu Neusoft University, founded by Neusofte Corporation, is the first private full-time undergraduate institution approved by the Ministry of Education in Sichuan province. As one of the private university focusing on applied practical education of IT and internet industry, Chengdu Neusoft University adheres to the education theories of Neusoft University, thus Industry-Education-Research?is the core of college education. Therefore, there is a huge demand of Neusoft University for the training of LN innovation team and the resources gathered through joint program of Infor corporation.

In addition, as a world leading company in IT industry, Infor corporation is widely recognized by its understanding and concentration of this industry, its user-friendly UI, and its business management solutions based on cloud. And Infor corporation is eager to go into cooperation with Chinese universities to provide professional ERP software courses, and to build an ideal environment for ERP application in Chinese market.

With the hope of offsetting the shortage of human resources in LN product ecological environment and forming a complete link of apply-research-talent, Infor corporation chooses Chengdu Neusoft University as its partner for the resources and experiences of Neusoft. The senior director of Infor Corporation education alliance, Martine Cadet, said that comprehensive industrial adjustment and transformation leads to a huge demand of talents, especially high-caliber professional IT talents, around the world, and that the cooperation between Infor education alliance and Chengdu Neusoft University will help develop Chinas emerging industries by training teachers and offering advanced ERP courses.

Working together to create future

?The advanced classroom integrated software provided by Infor company as a donation contributes to the improvement of teaching in Chengdu Neusoft University. Infor ERP courses started at the beginning of 2016 with more than 600 students enrolled. It is estimated that, with the help of the two courses, more than 1300 students will have the opportunity for Infor LN training every year. And students will use the daya to build a visual company to test the setting and function of LN. Additionally, in the winter of 2016, 10 to 18 teachers will be selected to attend teacher training of Infor LN to acquire a specific teacher certification.

According to Zhang Yinghui, the president of Chengdu Neusoft University, faced with innovation strategy of the whole country and the huge demands for innovative talents, Chengdu Neusoft University has committed to cultivate talents based on the integration of industry and education. He also declared that cooperating with Infor education alliance to offer ERP courses will expose our students to advanced industrialization knowledge, and therefore, contribute to the talent cultivation in China.

?In the future, Infor and Chengdu Neusoft University will work together to implement learning program. Infor will provide Neusoft students with various resources such as technology markets, project cooperation, and scholarship, with the hope of benefiting students, improving the development of education by offering superior educational resources, and promoting the development of internet industry by cultivating outstanding talents.

?In?the signing ceremony, Zhang Xiu, the vice president of Neusoft corporation, said: the cooperation between Infor enterprise and Chengdu Neusoft University not only contributes to the students?further development in IT technology, but also lays a good foundation for the construction of an integrated application-research-talent?eco-environment in China.